Accordion layout – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What content can you put inside this accordion?

Whatever you want. It’s like a group block here.

Why do you need this plugin?

To change the way of creating sites with WordPress from the legacy Classic Editor to the new Gutenberg Block Editor.

Who needs this plugin?

This plugin is made for developers or designers but anyone familiar with the Block Editor can use it.

Is there a built-in design library?

Yes, there is a library of production-ready block patterns.

You can browse it here

Is this another block library?

No. It’s like a tool to create custom blocks, patterns, and variations without coding. However, it provides 5 pre-defined custom block types, Grid, Carousel, Stack, Accordion, and Advanced group for you to use.

Which themes does it support?

It is compatible with all block-based themes, but our recommended themes are default themes such as Twenty Twenty Two, blockbase themes. If you find it doesn’t work with your theme, please let me know. I’ll work on it.